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Name: Phil McDonald
Email: macfiddle_54(at)
Location: Texas
Date: May 17, 2013

Great fiddling!!!!!!!!!!


Name: Rich Costello
Email: rich.costello(at)
Location: Seattle. WA USA
Date: April 29, 2012

Ever since having attended a performance of yourself, Natalie MacMaster and as I recall 3 other former former students of Stan Chapman in tribute to him as a part of Celtic Colours about 10 years ago, you have been my favorite fiddler, I have had the first two CD's since that trip but somehow did not know there was a third CD. Please tour out west soon.

Name: Maren
Email: Maren1(at)
Location: Vermont, USA
Date: June 20, 2011

Wonderful music! Is there any way to purchase a downloadable version of "Favourite Polka's" from Clear the Tracks?

Name: Jean Marie Kell
Email: farmloverme(at)
Date: August 05, 2010

My father, Bill Kell of Lanark, Antigonish County played fiddle with Hughie A. MacDonald.
I love the music.

Name: Ruby Cousins
Location: Kensington,P.E.I.
Date: February 11, 2010

Love your performances at Jubilee. Your music is awesome!

Name: Sophie Hale
Location: Charlottetown PE
Date: February 01, 2010


Awesome website, I finally got to see it!! See you on Tuesday!

Name: Barry MacKinnon
Location: Charlottetown PE
Date: December 29, 2009

Hi Kendra Great sound Great Tunes Great personality-easily recognized signature sound--Keep up the good work Barry

Name: Dorothy Griffin-Farish
Location: Summerside, P.E.I.
Date: September 14, 2009

Hi Kendra, I was to see your show at the Jubilee on Sept. 13th. That was the best show I've seen in ages. Your fiddle playing is awesome, and the antics of Boomer and Bruce were so funny.

Name: Betty Clarke
Location: Nepean, Ont
Date: August 03, 2009

Congratulations Kendra on your appointment as Executive Director of the Celtic College. Scott would be delighted knowing it is in your capable hands. He thought highly of you. All the best on your new journey. Hope to see you sometime soon. Glenn & Betty

Name: Mike Bates
Location: Sydney, NS
Date: August 03, 2009

Hi Kendra, I just purchased your latest CD "Love O' The Isles" at the Stepping Stones shop in Charlottetown. We had hoped to hear you play while here in PEI I hope all is well with You,Bruce, and Mark Anthony. Hope to see you perform soon. Mike

Name: buddy longaphie
Location: charlottetown prince edward island
Date: July 12, 2009

love your fiddling. you are the best i just love it thank you so much

Name: Mike Bates
Location: Sydney , Cape Breton
Date: July 08, 2009

HI Kendra, Janice and I hope to see and hear you play this summer in PEI. As always,I really enjoy your music.I play it alot on my Mp3 and car stereo. Great sound and choice of tunes. Mike

Name: Ellen Kearney
Location: Halifax
Date: May 24, 2009

HI Kendra Just a note to say again I loved your playing this year. Your performances were passionate and strong. Many thanks for a great camp and great fun in Parrsboro. See you down the musical road. Ellen Kearney (mandolin)

Name: Alan B
Location: Los Angeles
Date: May 24, 2009

Still enjoying the CD bought from your performance in Kelowna 2005. Hope you're thriving. Alan

Name: Laura Whittaker
Location: Halifax, NS
Date: May 19, 2009

Thank you for your wonderful instruction at the Parrsboro Fiddle Camp. You have a special talent for teaching. You made me feel confident that I could learn your piece without the sheet music. Your love and dedication for the music shone through, and inspired me. Laura Whittaker

Name: Vivian Hsu
Location: Amherst, Nova Scotia
Date: May 18, 2009

Thanks for the great workshop in Parrsboro! And thanks for sharing your beautiful reel. -vivian

Name: Mary Davidson
Location: Australia
Date: April 30, 2009

Thank you for a wonderful experience in New Zealand at SHISSF. Hoping your husband had a good outcome from his op. Missed you for the rest of the week and hope I see you back again. Best wishes to you and your family. Fondest regards [slow] Mary!

Name: kendra macgillivray
Date: March 05, 2009


hi I love ur music and I think we r related!!!! its cool that we have the same name!!! from ur biggest fan!!!

Name: Buddy
Location: Downtown Boularderie
Date: February 04, 2009


Hi Kendra....just dropped by your sight and saying hello... See ya down the road sometime for a gig or a coffee...great new cd by the way... Buddy

Name: jim macgillivray
Location: charlottetown p.e.i.
Date: January 05, 2009



Name: Kimberley
Date: July 22, 2008


Hi Kendra, the new CD is wonderful! Great to have some new music from you to listen to!

Name: freddy haeck
Location: belgium
Date: June 10, 2008


Dear Kendra, Im a collector of autographs. I have more than 3.750 authentic autographs of politicians, sportsmen, artists and authors from around the world. Therefore, I would ask you if you would be so kind to send me an autograph of you. I will be very delighted to got your autograph in my personal collection. Anyway, thank you very much, and may God bless you and your family. With warm greetings from Belgium. Freddy Haeck Lusthoflaan 107 9030 Mariakerke Belgium

Name: Caitlyn
Location: Kensington
Date: May 29, 2008


i am doing a report for school on you a your husband.So, I thought I would stop here at your website for more info. I love your music.Keep up the great work:)

Name: Julie Arsenault
Location: Moncton, NB
Date: April 05, 2008


hey Kendra! just stopping by to say hello and i love your music!!! keep it up!! =D

Name: zappy
Location: amsterdam
Date: December 25, 2007


Hi Kendra, discovered you via the net and love your music! Hope you come to Holland sometime.

Name: Rena Kossatz
Location: Parrsboro NS
Date: December 10, 2007


Delighted, Kendra, that you will be joining us in Parrsboro in May 2008 for our Ship's Company Theatre Fiddle Camp - sure to be a grand weekend of learning, performance, and fun!

Name: marla fitzgerald
Location: formally from antigonish
Date: August 10, 2007


Hi Kendra: I always read about you and try and see you whenever possible. I was home when your mom was alive. She was so proud of the three of you as well as we are too. Its nice to have someone from antigonish famous. Hope you come to Boston soon. We were in Antigonish for the Highland Games 2007 didnt see you folks.

Name: Marina MacGillivray (Green)
Email: marinagreen[at]
Location: Antigonish
Date: January 02, 2007


Hey Kendra How are you doing? I hear you have a new addition.. congrats... Just wanted to say hi and hope you are all doing well.

Name: Mike Bates
Email: reeljigs[at]
Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Date: December 31, 2006


Hi Kendra,I would like to wish you and your family a Happy New Year. I hope to hear you soon 2007 I was glad to see you (your drive by ) in Charlottetown this past summer. I have a cd ( from old party tape 1970 ) to share. Wilfred Gillis and John Allan. Please contact me. Mike

Name: Kimberley
Location: NS/BC
Date: December 20, 2006


Great performance in Celtic Angels at Christmas. A beautifully done show. Merry Christmas!


Name: buddy longaphie
Email: buddy,longaphie[at]gmail,com
Location: charlottetown P E I
Date: September 23, 2006


hi kendra juist saying hello you are doing lots of playing i love it

Name: Denny
Email: celticfc_forme[at]
Location: Missouri
Date: August 01, 2006


Fabulous site Kendra. I'm going to get "Over the Waves" in a couple days. God Bless.

Name: Harriet McDonald
Email: C21Harriet[at]
Location: Dedham, Mass. USA
Date: July 10, 2006


My Mother was a MacGillivray, born in Primrose

Name: Irena
Email: trionatrog[at]
Location: Calgary, AB/Athens, Greece
Date: June 26, 2006


Congratuations on the birth of your son - just read the note on the website :-D Always nice to read someone's good news. Keep the music going.


Name: Ashley Knocton
Email: ashley_knocton[at]
Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Date: May 22, 2006


We're second cousins!


Name: Geneva Burton
Email: genevaburton[at]
Location: Penticton, BC. Canada
Date: March 19, 2006


Hello Kendra, Troy and Sabra! My name is Geneva, I met the 3 of you on a flight from Halifax to Vancouver during the power outage in Toronto.You may not remember me but we were stuck in terminal 2 at Pearson International together for quite awhile. Thank you for your kindness and company. I check your site often hoping to find a concert of yours close to my home. I missed your show in Vernon a few months ago. I plan to come back to Nova Scotia for the celtic colours festival next Fall, I hope you will be performing there next year. All the best..... Geneva Burton!

Name: Island Steppers
Email: tsamson[at]
Location: Arichat, Cape Breton
Date: March 05, 2006


Great music!!! Keep Fiddlin'. We use your music all the time. We are the Island Steppers from Island Madame. A group of 8 Cape Breton Step dancers who tour all over dancing to Cape Bretons finest musicians.

Name: lauren macgillivray
Location: abergele, north wales u.k
Date: January 15, 2006


hi i like your site. we have the same last name. i like your music as well

Name: Karin
Email: Karingriffin4[at]
Location: Hamilton Ont
Date: December 01, 2005


I love the violin and i see that you like it too so write me back and can you send me a cliping of you music I would really like to hear it bye.

Name: Raymond Sanborn
Email: raysanborn[at]
Location: Toronto
Date: November 22, 2005


Dear Ms. MacGillivray: Your web-site is fantastic and it seems that things are going well for you. I stumbled upon it as I was doing research on Canadian folk music. I am a graduate of St. F. X. like yourself (1984), I studied music there. Even though I am not from Antigonish I got to know the town somewhat through my involvement with the youth program at St. Ninian's Cathedral during the summers of 1981-83. I was involved somewhat in the local music scene with a band called "Dorian Gray" (I know it sounds awful!); however I was always impressed by the great musicality of the people in this area of Nova Scotia. Your web-site seems to be quite excellent and your music--congratulations on your many successes in traditional music! Sincerely, R. J. Sanborn

Name: sally mac donnell
Email: snsmac[at]
Location: windsor, ontario
Date: November 21, 2005


Hi kendra, Can,t wait for you & Troy to come back to windsor, detroit area. We still talk about you & the beautiful music in detroit last spring , hope we,ll see & hear you both again. All the best the mac Donnells

Name: Rosanna Burrill
Email: pieburrill[at]
Location: Nova Scotia
Date: September 18, 2005


You did a concert at a recital Kimberley Holmes did one time. I take fiddle lessons from her and I think you're amazing player. You got bite!

Name: Laura Ashley
Email: furniturefind[at]
Location: North Carolina, USA
Date: August 20, 2005


Thank you so much for the beautiful music! Enjoy your music. Best regards from North Carolina !

Name: Danielle Lynch
Email: daniellelynch[at]
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Date: July 21, 2005


Hi Kendra, I really enjoyed your classes and concert at Celtfest. I'm so happy with all the new tunes I've learned! I hope to get a chance to learn from you again soon...maybe in Calgary? Great CD too! Danielle

Name: Robert MacGillivray
Email: bobmac1m[at]
Location: Braintree, MA., USA
Date: July 17, 2005


Great music: I really enjoy listening to her play.

Name: Rick Hawkes
Email: mediawebrick[at]
Location: Kamloops, BC
Date: July 03, 2005


Hi Kendra... My wife and I saw you perform at Music in the Park last year and I was blown away by your high energy performance. I am looking forward to your visit to Kamloops in a couple weeks. I'll be there, toes a-tappin'

Name: Ken Auld
Email: auldhk[at]
Location: Creston, B.C.
Date: May 20, 2005


My day was "made" when my wife Helga,came from her computor to the den ,where I was listening to your "clear The Track" CD, and informed me that July 11 you will be performing in Kelowna. We shall be there to hear my favoorite fiddler. In July 2000 we passed through Nova Scotia and Cape Breton on our way to theViking landing celebration in Newfoundland 1000 yrs previous. At this time my only knowledge of down east music was the CBC's Don Messer Programme years ago. During this tour of Cape Breton I picked up Natlie's "Fit as a Fiddle" and McGintys "Atlantic Favourites" . Due to my Scottish heritage which we had exploredin Ireland and Scotland in 1998; (my cousin, her husband, my wife and I located the tombstone of a 7th generation direct forefather, John Auld b.1727 in Killinchy N. Ireland {270 yrs.} and his forefathers probably from Ayr, Scotland in the 1600's. His three sons went to USA in 1787, and their sons rambled USA from where my Grandfathercame to Alberta in 1907}, I was captured by Cape Breton music. So having learner about the "Celtic Colour Festival" we arranged a 63 day camping tour for 2003 to Nflnd, Nova Scotia, and stayed in Cape Breton 28 days, attending 7 of the 10 performances including "Stan Chapman Tribute" at Judique where we first saw you and Troy and so many others. I started listening to recordings in the tourist shops prior to the festival. In Baddeck I first heard and purchased your "Over The Waves" , I knew the theme tune as a child, only we called it (The Lovliest Night Of The Year} . I was smitten by your rendition, and still am, of this lovely waltz. In Whycocomagh I heard and had to have your "Clear The Track". Since being enchanted by you playing your Grandfather's tunes, I have discovered this music is genetically imprinted in my being even after 270 yrs. away. I may take up step dancing We will always remember this Cape Breton trip as we managed in addition to the festival, a Creamery night in Port Hawksbury, met Angus McIssac, danced at West Mabou Hall to Kinnon and Betty Lou Beaton, an evening at St. Anns, Louisville Playhouse, visited St. Francis X and stopped at Orangedale Station {where your picture was taken}. I know now, why any who have seen Cape Breton in "fall" colours and met all you lovely people want to return again. And if my 70 yrs. good fortune and health continue, I too will return to Cape Breton again. Thank you for the gift of ancestoral music. Ken Auld

Name: Shirley M. d'Entremont
Email: bsc[at]
Location: West Pubnico/Yarmouth, NS
Date: May 15, 2005


Thank you so much for the beautiful music at the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation's Inagural was beautiful!!! Merci to Bruce, your personality lit up the audience. Again, thanks! Shirley and Carl d'Entremont

Name: Sandy
Email: abrd[at]
Location: Yarmouth NS
Date: May 13, 2005


Hi Kendra: What a pleasure having you pay us a visit. We hope that you great memories of the area. The Jazzotica guys would love to have you (& B) sign their Guest Book as well. Thanks again for your visit. The CD is Great!!!

Name: Roger Mac Gillivray
Email: rogermacgillivray[at]
Location: Antigonish
Date: March 19, 2005


Hey Kendra!! Just wanted to say the site looks great and can't wait for highland games!!!

Name: Ward MacDonaold
Location: PEI
Date: March 03, 2005


Hi Kendra, I've heard a lot of folks talking about your workshops and dance on March 12. Looking forward to hearing you at St. Pius X, Ward

Name: ashley macisaac
Location: cape breton
Date: March 02, 2005


Just found your site thru an ecma photo search -nice to see you on the web-we should play some tunes together agian some time soon-im now 30 and could handle a few antigonish polkas big time at the moment;) see ya later-Ashley

Name: marla fitzgerald
Email: pugwash [at]
Location: massachusetts formally antigonish
Date: February 03, 2005


Kendra I spoke with my cousin patsy dsunn today said you got married and that some of her family attended. Said it was awesome. Anyhow congratulations and best of luck to a wonderful girl and fiddle player.

Name: Conrad & Rosemary
Email: conrad[at]
Location: Antigonish
Date: December 30, 2004


Kendra & Bruce Your wedding was a fabulous celebration. May you always stand out as brilliant reflections of God's love for all people. All the best always ! Conrad & Rosemary

Name: Donaldson And Isabel
Email: macleodd[at]
Date: December 14, 2004


What this private function on Dec 29 about? Congratulations!!!

Name: Joe kenny
Email: jeken[at]sympatico
Location: Toronto/Lanark, Antig. N.S.
Date: November 10, 2004


I keep watching both Kendra's & Troy's schedules - Hope you get to this area soon again. Say a big HELLO to Winnie for me.

Name: Joe Kenny
Email: jeken[at]
Location: Antigonish N.S.
Date: November 10, 2004


Hearing Kendra playing her Grandfather's tunes brought tears to my eyes

Name: Robert Mitchell
Email: rt_mitchell[at]
Location: Toronto ON
Date: November 06, 2004


Saw you and the group earlier this tear on ATV and at the Travel and leisure and travel show in Toronto.You guys are awesome.My daughter had her pic taken with the group. Thanks

Name: ashley
Email: ashleynewcomb999[at]
Location: Richmond Bc
Date: September 28, 2004


Good Job on every thing that you do. Do you want to hear some funny I have a teacher at my school MC Math in Richmond BC that looks like your twin and it very weird looking at the website

Name: Ed Walker
Email: vwalkc606[at]
Location: Antigonish/ Orangeville on
Date: August 29, 2004


Enjoy your music. Not enough resources in ontario. My sister Helen keeps me tuned.

Name: al Gerard Mac kinnon
Email: al.mackinnon[at]
Location: Ontario Delhi
Date: August 19, 2004


Grew up with your mother and your uncle my father was charlie the Barber. I found your mweb site on the highland games site. Travelling to Lanark area in Sept. Say hi to you mom and father and uncle red Jummy for me and keep up the good work in music. Gerrard

Name: Lawrence Beaton
Email: beatonlawrence[at]
Date: August 14, 2004



Name: Paul Mac Gillivray
Email: pmacg[at]
Location: Vancouver
Date: August 11, 2004


will check out your cooncert here Aug 12

Name: Kim & David Cook
Email: kcdc22[at]
Location: Victoria BC
Date: August 10, 2004


Awesome show last night Kendra, Troy and Sabra...what a treat! In spite of the long travel day and excessive heat, you showed what true performers you are and made it look effortless. We loved the selection of tunes. It was great chatting with you after the show and we hope it won't be too long before you come back this way again. Safe travels and God Bless. Kim & David

Name: Kimberley
Location: BC/NS
Date: August 10, 2004


Safe travels in BC. The crowds are going to love the show out there! Enjoy the nice weather too :-)

Name: John MacDonald
Email: vinyllab[at]
Location: California - N.Lakevale Mac Donald Clan
Date: July 27, 2004


Hey Sabra it's John!! Long time no see haha... Love the site!! Keep in touch..

Name: Luke Taylor (nickname Bernard)
Email: 15377[at]
Location: Rutland, Smallest County in England in the East Midlands
Date: July 20, 2004


Great Site! Met some of your pupils and wish maybe one day i might get taught by you. take care, luke:)

Name: Kimberley
Location: NS/BC
Date: July 16, 2004


Great job at the Millenium Centre on Wed night. High energy at its best! Look forward to seeing the footage on tv this fall. See you at the highland games this weekend.

Name: Conrad & Rosemary Poirier
Email: conrad[at]
Location: Antigonish
Date: July 15, 2004


Hi Folks ! We caught your performance at the Millenium Centre tonight and what a performance it was ! You all did a fantastic job ... and Sabra, your guest dancers are great ... good direction. Hope we get to see you again ! Have a great summer ! Conrad & Rosie

Name: Janice MacGillivray
Email: janjimmac[at]
Location: N. Oxford, Mass.USA
Date: July 14, 2004


While at PEI purchased your CD, along with Troy. Love it!! Sorry we can't get a chance to see you in concert in July. Hopefully next year will work out. Jan & Jim MacGillivray

Name: shane mcdonald
Email: jclare[at]
Location: new york U.S
Date: July 11, 2004


Hi I'm your cousin in NY and I'm sorry I missed you in Massachussets. Best Wishes and hope to see you next time. peace Shane

Name: Tarina MacGillivray
Email: tkkhoneywell[at]
Location: Vanderhoof British Columbia
Date: July 07, 2004


I was just looking up the MacGillivray name on the internet and your web site popped up so I thought I would give it a look

Name: David Junier
Email: dsrecycle[at]
Location: Dartmouth, MA
Date: July 05, 2004


Hi Kendra, I saw you in New Bedford, MA at Summer Fest 7/3/04 and liked you a lot. Hope to see you again. In the mean time I will listen to your C.D. Thank You, David

Name: betty cvlarke
Email: gbclarke[at]sympatico
Location: ottawa ontario
Date: June 28, 2004


looking forward to seeing you all during the highland games. Hope your Mom is doing good. Take care and regards to all your family.

Email: PAND100014[at]AOL.COM
Date: June 27, 2004



Name: Stephanie Collicutt
Email: steff_c12[at]
Location: Evangeline, PEI
Date: June 12, 2004


Hey, i saw you play at Anastasia's party this weekend, and all i can say is WOW!! The house was rocking, we just sat and listened, all of you guys were really rocking, it was amazing, you are so good! Can't wait to hear you again! Keep playing! -Stephanie

Name: Lynnet Ascromova
Email: lynnet[at]
Location: Bristol - Uk
Date: May 19, 2004


very nice site. well done

Name: Tim Mac Leod
Email: tmacleod[at]
Location: North Pole
Date: May 18, 2004


Thanks for the wonderful performance in Iqaluit and hope to see you folks again soon. Tim

Name: Glenn House
Email: housie_1[at]
Location: Iqaluit, Nunavut
Date: May 17, 2004


Just wanted to thank you for the great show here in Iqaluit. It was pure enjoyment to watch such a talented person. Thank you

Name: Cynthia MacLeod
Email: Info[at]
Location: Charlottetown, PEI
Date: May 11, 2004


Hey Kendra, it was great playing tunes with you at the Confed Centre on Saturday. Have fun in Nunavut!

Name: Sancha Knocton
Email: kiss_my_chris3000[at]
Location: Cole Harbour
Date: April 22, 2004


Hey your my second cousin!

Name: Jackie
Email: jjackie_glover[at]
Date: April 21, 2004


wonderful music

Name: Bob Conrad
Email: rwconrad2002[at]
Location: Halifax, now Atlanta, GA
Date: April 19, 2004


nephew of Carl Elliott. Letting everyone in the south what CDN fiddl'in is all about. Good tunes hun. Love Economy Clam Fest. Hope to be there this year with our dance team.

Name: Dawn Brennan Sutter
Email: Dawn.Sutter[at]
Location: Ontario
Date: April 15, 2004


I was going through the Gaelic College website and found yours. Long time no see! Take care, Dawn

Name: Ken
Email: doubleupdoubledown[at]
Location: USA
Date: April 05, 2004


you need to play at Spoleto in SC

Name: Berlinda Steveslington
Email: baskbolcompany[at]
Location: America
Date: April 03, 2004


I love this site! I have a son named Kendra so it hits close to home!

Name: Deby Harper
Email: fitnessco[at]
Location: Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Date: March 31, 2004


Hi there: It is your long lost realative in Arizona. How is your mom doing. Please tell her I will be calling Thursday to check in. Having been through this I hope i can be somewhat encourageing and supportive. Do you ever travel out west? Deby Harper, (Matichak) I met you about 12 years ago when you came to Cape Cod. I do not kinow if you remember.

Name: Beth MacDonald
Email: Lachiescape[at]
Location: Cape Cod, MA
Date: March 28, 2004


Wonderful website and fantastic music!

Name: Brianna Knocton
Email: briannaknocton7[at]
Location: Cole Harbour, N.S
Date: March 22, 2004


Great site!

Name: Kimberley
Location: NS/BC
Date: March 18, 2004


Great tunes at the Moustache last night. Glad you got up to play with Glenn, the double fiddle rocked!

Name: robert budd
Email: robudd[at]
Location: Toronto, Ont. & Crapaud PEI
Date: March 16, 2004


Would love to know your scheduled appearances in PEI from June - Sept

Name: Kaitlyn Macgillivray (Phil's daughter)
Email: mezaditz[at]
Location: BC
Date: February 19, 2004


hey kendra, love ur music

Name: Shauna
Email: sm99_10[at]
Location: Halifax NS
Date: February 17, 2004


Hi Kendra! This is Shauna! Im your student for fiddle lessons! I think your an awesome fiddler! I didn't watch the ECMAS yet.. but I hoped the best for you! Thank you very much for being my teacher! You have taught me so much! I love the site!

Name: Kimberley
Location: NS/BC
Date: February 16, 2004


Hey Kendra, Great performances this weekend! Photos to come shortly. Here's hoping for a wonderful 2004 for your career!

Name: Chris O'Shea
Email: christopher_oshea[at]
Location: Coconut Creek, FL
Date: February 16, 2004


Kendra, Congrats on the ECMA last year and your career in general. You're right famous! The site looks great. I am glad to say that I knew you way back when. All the best, Chris

Name: Jill {McElroy} Brown
Email: teacherjilliam[at]
Location: Bakersfield, California, USA
Date: February 03, 2004


Am longing to get back down east and hear some real home music!!

Name: Ashley Knocton
Email: knoctoan1[at]
Location: waverley, Nova scotia
Date: January 12, 2004


hi kendra, i just wanted to learn more about you. I guess we're cousins or something distantly related. Chuck Knocton is my father. Anyway nice to know a bit about you.