Love O' The Isles
Released: 2008

Kendra MacGillivray: Fiddle
Troy MacGillivray: Piano, Bass, Fiddle
Tracey Dares: Piano
Elmer Deagle: Guitar, Banjo
Cheryl Smith: Drums

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  Track Listing & sound clips:

01.   Woodchoppers/ Dusty Miller/ Elliott’s Favourite
02.  Miss Ann Munro/ Golden Locks/ Mark Anthony Rainnie
03.  Love O’ The Isles
04.  Little John’s Hame/ The Banks of Garry/ Athole Brose/Mrs. Stewart of Garth/
                 Jamie Hardie/Loch Glassie
05.  Vendome/, Miss Scott of Usan/ Miss Stewart-Robertson of Edradynate
06.  The Brig O’ Potarch/ Mains of Gartly/ Jolene Sonier/The Rendezvous
07.  Democratic Rage/ Constitution, Niagara
08.  Little House Round the Corner/ Sweet Flora/ The Car Driver
09.  Mrs. Jamieson’s Favourite
10.   Dugald McColl’s Farewell to France/ Cut and Dry/ Miss MacKenzie of Gairlock/
                 Sandy is my Darling/ Lady Glenorchy/ Airchie Brown
11.    Medley of Antigonish Polkas
12.   Waters of Northumberland

  Over The Waves
Released: 2000

Kendra MacGillivray: Fiddle
Troy MacGillivray: Piano, Synth
Dave MacIsaac: Acoustic Guitar
John Chiasson: Bass
Scott Ferguson: Drums & Percussion
JP Cormier: Banjo, Madolin
Ann Gray: Highland Bagpipes
Sabra MacGillivray: Dancing Feet
Chris Church: Violin
Chris Wilkison: Violin
Susan Sayle: Violin
Norman Adams: Cello

  Track Listing & sound clips::

01.    The Trolley / The Way To Mull River / Major Molle
  Bloom on Heather/Rocky Hills Cape North/Barbara Magone's/Proposal/|
                  Left-Handed Fiddler/Preston Pans

03.   Over The Waves
 Fergus Rag / Happy Carolyn
05.   The Lapwig / Order Up Another Round / Mary Cotter
06.   Wally & Joyce Hayes / Repeal The Poll Tax / Kendra MacGillivray's / Roddy MacDonald's
07.   Whistlin' Rufus
 Arisaig Mist
 A Reel For Maurice / The Solstice / Bridgeview / Lynda Hudson
 Trip To Paris / Kendra MacGillivray / Campbell's Road
11.    Strachan's / George's Delight / Mrs J. Forbes / Johnnie Sullivan's / Hot Fingers
   The Orcadian
13.   Susan Macleod / Kim's Glenista Debut / A Cup Of Tea / Captain Celtic and the Teamsters

  Clear The Track

Kendra MacGillivray: Fiddle
Troy MacGillivray: Piano, Synth, Fiddle
Dave MacIsaac: Guitar

  Track Listing & sound clips::

01.   Light & Airy / Archie Menzies / Fisher's Hornpipe
02.  Miss Elizabeth Campbell / Miss Drummond of Perth / Pride of The Ball / Ariel Hornpipe
03.  Jackson's Fancy / The Bridal Jig / The Rights of Man / Mrs. Brown of Linkwood
04.  Starlight Waltz
05.  Miss Hutton / Miss E. Elder / Napoleon / Clear The Track
Hughie #11 / Jack Dunc / Jimmie Angus John
Dr. Keith of Aberdeen / Carnie's Canter / Glen's Hornpipe / Fire Away / The Rocket
08.  Favourite Polka's
Niel Gow's Lamentation for James Moray of Abercairny 
10.   The Miller of Hirn/Craigellachie Bridge/Spey and Spate/Perthshire Hunt/Miss Elder/
                 Tarbolton Lodge

Polka Number Three / Honeymoon Polka / Crooked Stovepipe
Bee's Wing / High Level Hornpipe / Manhattan
13.   Lord Seaforth/Braes of Tullymet/Paddy on The Turnpike/Long Necked Fiddle/
                 The Flagon/ The Cutty Sark